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We are home to Fracture Diagnostics International and the Rising Step Load Technology Center, created and operated by Dr. Louis Raymond, a world-renowned material scientist with over 30 years experience as a consultant, educator, diagnostician, and forensic scientist.

L. Raymond and Associates is the professional consulting corporation operated by Dr. Raymond offering consultation services on failure analysis, life prediction, and risk analysis supported by in-house facilities at RSL™ ISL Labs in the field of stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement testing.

Fracture Diagnostics provides state-of-the-art test equipment, utilizing the Rising Step Load™ Incremental Step Load testing technique.

The RSL™ ISL method has been recognized as the only reliable and quantitative method for detecting the existence of, or susceptibility to, hydrogen embrittlement in high-performance materials.

Rising Step Load™ Incremental Step Load
Testing Station

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Tensile Frame Systems

This unit is designed for testing specimens or threaded parts in tension using either the RSL™ ISL method or standard tensile loading parameters.

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Bending Frame Systems

This unit uses 4 point bending to put stress on either a standard single notch square bar specimen or an actual threaded specimen.

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Motor Controller

This controlling unit takes the output from the specially designed software and relays the instructions to the RSL™ ISL Testing Frame.

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Adapters Bending & Tensile

The versatility of FDI RSL™ ISL testing systems are realized with the assortment of Adapters offered by FDI.

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RSL™ ISL Testing Training Courses

FDI offers training courses to enable users and technicians to take full advantage of the RSL™ ISL Testing Systems.

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RSL™ ISL System Calibration Services

FDI provides calibration services required and necessary to maintain RSL™ ISL testing systems performing at their optimum levels.

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