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The U.S. Navy released a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract to design and build a test method and machine to test and analyze fasteners according to the requirements in the ASTM F1624 Standard while producing results useful to a design engineer. Thus the RSL™ ISL testing method was developed by Dr. Louis Raymond, a noted scientist, lecturer, and investigator in the areas of Hydrogen Embrittlement, Failure Analysis, and Fracture Mechanics. However a provision within the SBIR stipulated that the equipment and technology be made available commercially.


Rising Step Load™ Incremental Step Load

The Rising Step Load™ Incremental Step Load test (RSL™ ISL) combines the best parts of various testing approaches to produce a meaningful test parameter in the shortest amount of time. RSL™ ISL is similar to a slow strain rate tensile test however, the load is incrementally increased and sustained long enough to detect hydrogen induced cracking. This innovation allows for only one specimen, often Charpy sized, to be used to measure threshold stress, as opposed to the dozens that are required to perform sustained load run-out tests.


Lou Raymond & Associates

L.Raymond & Associates, a Professional Consulting Corporation offers services in failure analysis, life prediction and risk analysis, supported by in-house Rising Step Load™ Incremental Step Loadlaboratory facilities. LRA and the RSL™ ISL Laboratories are accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). To view our IAS Testing Laboratory Certification of Accreditation click: http://www.iasonline.org/PDF/TL/TL-345.pdf


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