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Fracture Diagnostics International

Manufacturer of the Rising Step Load™ Incremental Step Load (RSL™ ISL) computer controlled, digital displacement fracture mechanics and mechanical testing equipment.

FDI is the sole global distributor of the Rising Step Load™ Incremental Step Load (RSL™ ISL) test system (described in the Fracture Diagnostics Brochure). RSL™ ISL is a compact, cost-efficient, state-of the art testing machine which utilizes Dr. Raymond's Rising Step Load™ Incremental Step Load testing procedure. The RSL™ ISL method has been recognized as the only reliable and quantitative method for measuring the susceptibility of hydrogen embrittlement in high-performance materials.

Those interested in purchasing the FDI system should contact Fracture Diagnostics International directly through our contact portal.

About FDI

The U.S. Navy released a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract to design and build a test method and machine to test and analyze fasteners according to the requirements in the ASTM F1624 Standard while producing results useful to a design engineer. Thus the RSL™ ISL testing method was developed by Dr. Louis Raymond, a noted scientist, lecturer, and investigator in the areas of Hydrogen Embrittlement, Failure Analysis, and Fracture Mechanics. However a provision within the SBIR stipulated that the equipment and technology be made available commercially.

With Dr. Raymond's mentorship, Fracture Diagnostics International has developed a total system to allow research facilities, production operations, failure investigators, universities, and any other interested parties the ability to utilize the benefits of this test method in a reliable, reproducible fashion. The simplicity of the equipment combined with an advanced software system requires minimal training for proper operation while producing accelerated, accurate and precise, quantitative results.

Fracture Diagnostics International makes available the same equipment desired by the U.S. Navy, with the same technologies and capabilities developed by Dr. Louis Raymond, in a user friendly, practical form.

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