Motor Controller

Motor Controller

Model FD 1200-MC Rising Step LoadTMSystem Motor Controller
For Use With Both Bending and Tensile Frames

The Motor Controller is the hub between the Loading Frames and the operating software. The Motor Controller's computer chip focuses on digital data acquisition, closed loop load control, signal conditioning and system diagnostics, while a non-dedicated PC will act as the operator interface and maintains its multitasking abilities.

Real-time functions include high speed control of the loading frame and other components. It performs algorithms that enables the test system to automatically adjust loading. The controller utilizes a dedicated computer that allows for precise digital rates to reach an exact load in seconds. With the digital Motor Controller, loading profiles can be added by just modifying the RSL software.

Fracture Diagnostics' components incorporate distributed processing rather than relying on a dedicated computer to run the system.



RS 232 9 Pin Closed Loop Drive Command Interface Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
===== Height: 3"
===== Width: 8"
===== Depth: 10"
===== Weight: 12 pounds
===== Power: 110/125 Volt AC
===== 50/60 Hz Single Phase

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