Adapters for Bending & Tensile


Adapters for the FDI Systems
For Use With Both Bending and Tensile Frames

The versatility of the FDI test systems are realized with the combination of the right testing parameters and the correct use of adapters. To bring out the full potential of the System, FDI manufactures a series of standard adapters and compression chambers but also designs and fabricates Custom adapters to meet the unique testing needs of the user. All adapters listed below are compatible with the FD 25000-T1 and 2 series and FD 1200-B1 and 2 series.

List of adapters for the FDI Model 25000-T Test System


• 3/8-24 UNJ - 2a type for Type 1a.1 tensile specimen (Default)

• Button Head adapters for Type 1a.2 tensile specimen

• Compression Chamber for C-ring specimen.

– 4 in. | 6 in. | 8 in.

• Fastener and Anchor testing kit including:

– Test Block

– Plate

– Vice-grip Plates

• Custom threaded adapters

List of adapters for the FDI Model 1200-B Test System


• 0.4W-Single Edge Notched bend for Type 1e specimen Default

• Open Circuit Potential enabled -0.4W-Single Edge Notched bend for Type 1e (For use with the B3 series Bend frame)

• 0.4W to Round bar bend adapter for Type 1c specimen

• 3-point C-ring Compression fixture

• Bend Fixture for Type 1d specimen

• Bend Fixture to apply Tensile force on Type 1a.1 and 1a.2 specimen

• Custom 1" x 1" Fastener and Anchor Bend adapters.

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